Why Use Leather Gloves at Work?

Many industrial environments are potentially hazardous. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety when you work in such environments. In various industries such as construction, welding, package handling to food processing, safety driving gloves is made compulsory.


Industrial protection gear is a mandatory requirement in various hazardous work places so that workers can protect themselves from minor and major injuries. By wearing industrial leather gloves, you can protect your hand from being injured when you are involved in your work.

Common Hand Injuries

In most of the cases, hand injuries occur mainly because the workers don't pay attention to wearing the right protective leather gloves. This can expose the hands to dangerous tools and chemicals, resulting in mild to severe injuries. Some of the common hand injuries are:


  • Cuts or lacerations to the hands
  • Amputation of hands
  • Finger loss
  • Burns due to fire or chemicals
  • Hand impaled by broken material pieces
  • Crush injuries

While safety protocol should be followed in operating hazardous machines, injuries such as cuts, burns, lacerations can all be avoided with the right industrial leather gloves.

High Quality Industrial Leather Gloves Are Comfortable

One of the most common complaints that workers have is that the gloves are not comfortable. Different work environment requires the use of different PPE gloves. If you don't use the right type of gloves, it will affect your work efficiency. You should not hesitate to purchase high quality welding glovesbecause gloves offer utmost protection for your hands. High quality rigger gloves are lightweight and durable. While choosing industrial protection gear for work, you should ensure that the glove has durability and dexterity.


The most common types of leather used in making safety gloves are made of:

  • Cow leather
  • Buffalo leather
  • Goat grain leather
  • Split leather


The numerous varieties and types of welding gloves and rigger gloves allow you to choose the perfect safety gloves for your work environment. You have to choose driving gloves depending on the nature of your work environment. Leather is inherently flame resistant. That is why they are popular welding gloves. Moreover, with suitable lining, leather can become extremely cut resistant too. If you need warmer drivinggloves, you have to choose the leather type accordingly.

Importance of PPE Leather Gloves

Protective leather gloves are the one of the most important and often most ignored personal protective equipment gear. With the right gloves, you can avoid all major and minor injuries while ensuring comfort and warmth for your hands. The gloves are available in different sizes and if you can't find a size that fits you, you can order for custom made gloves.


Depending on the type of PPE gloves you choose, you can launder the gloves effectively. This will keep the gloves soft and clean and good washing will also increase the lifetime of the gloves.


You can even make a style statement with your protective leather gloves as you can choose from different colors and designs. The best industrial leather gloves offer safety and style, providing maximum comfort at work.